6 Myths About Home Inspections

An inspection can reveal valuable information about a property. Unfortunately, many homeowners or prospective buyers don’t get the most value out of them. This is because they may not have enough of the right information about the process or what it means. There remain a number of persistent myths that can cause people to make bad decisions, and here are six of the worst.

  1. New homes don’t need them. “New” doesn’t mean “perfect.” Anyone buying a new house should have it inspected. The fact that nothing has been used means no one knows if anything is wrong yet. This also will help spot anywhere the builders tried to cut corners.
  2. Inspections and appraisals are the same thing. Having a home inspector look at your property will tell you a lot, but not how much it’s worth. Appraisers are concerned with how much it may sell for eventually. Inspectors don’t care about anything except the condition and safety of the structure. Talking to one does not mean you can forego meeting with the other.
  3. An inspection will find every problem. Even though most qualified inspectors will do everything in their power to check the entire property, no one’s perfect. Some issues may be hidden behind drywall or buried in the backyard, and a visual inspection won’t reveal them.
  4. Homes are graded on a “pass/fail” scale. Contrary to what some might believe, a house can’t “fail” an inspection. That’s because, ultimately, it’s up to the buyer to decide if he or she can live with whatever is discovered.
  5. Inspectors can tell how long a home will last. Homeowners who want to know how long they can put off replacing their windows will be disappointed by an inspector’s report. Although he or she can determine how old the various elements and appliances are, the inspector cannot say with certainty how long they will last.
  6. Buyers don’t need to be present. Most homebuyers might think all they need to do is wait for the final report. However, this means they lose out on the opportunity to ask questions and see issues for themselves. Inspectors also are able to share valuable information about maintenance.

Whether you’re buying a house, selling one or just want some peace of mind, a home inspection from licensed professionals is essential. Don’t let myth and misinformation get in the way of learning everything you can about your property

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