Sample Report

Before hiring your home inspector, you should ask to see a report from a previous inspection. This gives you a good sense of what you will receive following your inspection. Don’t hesitate to ask — a good inspector is always happy to provide a sample report to show his or her work.

Your Inspection Report

After Chicago Metro Home Inspections completes your inspection, we put together a comprehensive report of all our findings. You will receive a computer-generated, written report within 24 hours, as well as a phone call explaining the inspection. The report includes:

  • Inspection Agreement
  • Detailed Explanation of Deficiencies
  • Explanation of Findings

Chicago Metro Home Inspections Sample Report

Feel free to download and view sample reports from inspections of two very different homes. We incorporate digital photos, diagrams and extensive information in nearly every report we produce.

Sample Report 1
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Sample Report 2
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