Standards of Practice

Chicago Metro Home Inspections conducts high-quality, thorough interior and exterior home inspections. We document all findings in detail so you understand the condition of the home you’re buying or selling. And, we provide a personal cell phone number so you can contact your inspector afterward with additional questions.

Our inspections include the following:


We inspect earth conditions and vegetation near the foundation, fences, gutters, patios, driveways, decks, retaining walls, property drainage and more.


Our exterior/roof inspection includes roof conditions, flashing, siding, trim, garage doors, entry doors and windows. The garage door mechanism and operator are rigorously tested for safety and operation.

Using a ladder, our inspector climbs to the roof and visually evaluates its condition. We analyze the flow of water from the shingles to the gutter system, or lack of rain gutters, and ensure that water is flowing away from the property.


The interior of the home is inspected completely, including walls, ceilings, interior doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, sinks, bathrooms, commodes, floors, finishes, weather stripping, firewalls and hand rails.

Every toilet, sink, shower and tub is tested for operation, leaks and drain quality. Your kitchen appliances are tested and evaluated to determine their condition, cleanliness and operation. The laundry room and its appliances are inspected. The home’s attic and crawlspace are inspected extensively for proper ventilation and insulation.

Operating Systems

The home’s operating systems are thoroughly investigated and tested, including a plumbing inspection for leaks, an electrical inspection for any potential unsafe condition, and heating and air conditioning inspections for gas leaks or energy efficiency issues.

  • Plumbing - We inspect gas and water lines, water heater, laundry, faucets and valves, drains, pumps, LPG tanks and more.
  • Electrical - We look at the service panel, wire sizes and types, service drop, grounding, door bell, weather head, circuits, fixtures, switches and receptacles. We examine the home’s electrical safety devices, such as smoke detectors and AFCI and GFCI outlets.
  • Heating/Air Conditioning - Areas of inspection include fireplace, chimney, gas lines, heat exchanger, evaporator/condenser, compressor, combustion air and ducting.

Structural Systems

We inspect the home’s foundation, basement, crawlspace, framing, attic, insulation, venting, clearances and more.

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